Archway Tower Petition

Islington Labour councillors have joined forces with local business to demand action from the developers of Archway Tower.


The major works, carried out by Essential Living, have hit local businesses hard. The hoardings surrounding the development have put off customers and also led to concerns about community safety due to a lack of lighting and scaffolding blocking CCTV cameras. 

Cllr Richard Watts, Leader of Islington Council, has twice written to the developers, Essential Living, calling for them to take immediate action to improve the site and to compensate businesses affected by the development.

Essential Living has refused to compensate local businesses. 

A petition has been launched calling on Essential Living to pay compensation.

Cllr Kaya Comer Schwartz, Junction ward councillor, has raised concerns about community safety from the development, saying: “The lack of light and the many dark corners on the site are of real concern. This is a well-used area, but late in the evening it is intimidating for people to walk through. The developer needs to urgently improve the safety of the site.”

An Environmental Visual Audit (EVA) conducted by the local police team called for clear Perspex panels to be installed to replace the fixed hoardings, the site to be repainted white to brighten the area, lighting to be installed to cover inlets which have attracted rough sleepers, faster removal of graffiti, clear signage to local shops, repositioning of scaffolding which blocks a CCTV camera and better access for wheelchair users.

Council officers have met with the developer and local businesses to discuss the problems and Essential Living have agreed to create an ‘action plan’ to address concerns.

Cllr Richard Watts said: “The impact on local businesses of the Archway redevelopment is of real concern to us.

“I’ve called on the developer to compensate the businesses most affected by the redevelopment, because that’s what a responsible developer would do. We also need them to make changes to the site layout, improve lighting, tackle graffiti, and generally keep the site cleaner.” 

Pictured: Islington Labour councillors launch petition for developer to compensate local businesses affected by Archway Tower development. 

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