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Archway transformation works move into next phase


Last weekend (18 December) the ongoing improvement works to transform Archway moved into the next phase as a new two-way traffic system was introduced, therefore ending the gyratory.

Transport for London (TfL) has been working to transform Archway to make the town centre more pleasant, accessible and safe for road users. It will create a new public space and introduce dedicated cycle lanes and improved pedestrian crossings.

Islington Labour councillors have spent years campaigning for the gyratory’s removal, which will transform the area.

However, they are challenging TfL over the outcome of its own bus consultation, which ignored public opinion and has seen a number of bus stops removed or replaced.

Islington Labour has challenged TfL to introduce measures to combat some of the negative effects of the bus changes and ease some of the changes caused by the gyratory removal.

Following campaigning from Islington Labour, TfL have agreed to:

  • Review the possibility of some bus routes terminating elsewhere, like at Upper Holloway
  • Provide better information, inside and outside the station, and distribute street information to pedestrians on the changes to traffic, crossings and buses
  • Work with Islington Council to ensure bus drivers comply with its anti-engine idling agenda

Cllr Claudia Webbe, Executive Member for Environment and Transport, said: “The removal of the Archway gyratory is the most important change for the Archway area in a generation. It will introduce a new public space with dedicated cycle lanes and improved pedestrian crossings, creating a safer space for all who use it.

“However, this change has not come without its problems. TfL failed to work with the Council to plan for the bus changes and ignored the findings from its own public consultation.

“I hope that lessons are learned from this experience so we can continue to deliver transport improvements in Islington.”

For more information about the Archway gyratory improvement works, visit the TfL website.


Pictured - Artist's impression of the proposed Archway town centre (TfL)

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commented 2016-12-23 19:41:13 +0000
Claudia, not sure why you are upset with TfL. You made the sale of the bus station land to developers as “much needed social housing”.
This forced TfL s hand, railroad you may say. Having to move buses onto the already busy Archway road (14,000 vehicles per day), 1000 new movements, all which include a uturn on a dual carriageway. So, you removed our safe subway to implement a crossing we never wanted, to stop the traffic to turn the buses that don’t turn off their engines when stopped. The land is now advertised as "affordable new homes’. The pollution is worse. There are accidents waiting to happen. There are risk assessments that need doing. There are provisions that have been ignored as well as zero consultation or regard for the community. 35 trees removed. 4 have been planted. It’s like you hate the people who elected you or have another agenda, I’m not sure which?
So you must be pleased. The advice TfL gave in 2010 was against this plan. You ploughed on and now we see what you have done. Please don’t even begin to complain. Come and do a shift in my pub. Speak to the hospital staff, the teachers, the residents, the elderly. They dispise you. Transport & Environment executive, meet and discuss, rather the avoid public meetings too. You also owe me 2 replies to letters hand delivered and emailed. Sort it out.
I thank you.
C . Sparks @thedespard

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