Fairness in tough times: implementing Islington’s Fairness Commission

At last night’s Annual Council Islington Labour looked back over the past three years at how the Fairness Commission recommendations had been implemented. I have included a few of the... Read more

Boris Johnson’s fire brigade cuts will put Caledonian residents at greater risk

The fire brigade has revealed that its fire engines do not reach emergencies in Caledonian Ward within the target arrival time of 6 minutes. This will worsen under a cuts... Read more

Why we need a late night levy on our bars

In Islington, we have a severe problem with late night drinking. It’s not unique but it’s worse than in most other London Boroughs. We have one of the highest densities... Read more

Save Clerkenwell and Kingsland fire stations

Cllr Richard Greening spoke in support of our fire stations at last night’s public meeting (Thursday 25 April), organised by the FBU. Here is a copy of his speech: “Earlier... Read more

New Localism, New Britain

The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government has been radically transforming local government. Many changes have not been for the better. The Tory-led government has decimated local government funding. They have vigorously... Read more

The bedroom tax isn’t funny – and we’re not April fools

The country is in the grip of a housing crisis. Raising the deposit for a mortgage to buy a home these days is hard. Social housing is in short supply.... Read more

Supporting a Financial Transaction Tax

I support the UK joining 11 other EU countries including France, Germany and Italy, in introducing a Financial Transaction Tax. This new tax could raise an additional £20 billion annually... Read more

Islington and National Apprenticeship Week

With youth unemployment running at just under one million, and 1,500 Islington residents aged 18-24 on job seekers’ allowance, Islington’s Labour council are taking action on jobs and apprenticeships. In... Read more

A message from local government – 3 urgent issues for Westminster

Local Government cuts have finally made the news. The difficult decisions that Eric Pickles has forced on authorities like Newcastle and Birmingham underlines the double unfairness of the Tory-led Government’s... Read more

Boris Johnson’s emergency service cuts

Last Thursday I made the following speech at Full Council: Since the leaked memo last October revealed a secret list of London fire stations facing being axed, Islington Labour has... Read more

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