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commented 2017-04-05 13:36:35 +0100
I live in Islington, I voted Labour during the past two elections and yes, I happen to be Jewish.

I am so appalled and disappointed by the committee’s decision to keep Ken Livingstone as a member of the Labour Party, which I believed meant to be the true champions campaigning for minorities’ rights, treating all forms of racism the same.

How come the party did not expel Ken after finding him guilty of gross misconduct is beyond me. I find this is absolutely disgraceful.

Regardless of the historic facts, the “non-apology” apology Mr. Livingstone has given, has just demonstrated once again his complete disregard to the offence his words have caused. In fact, he didn’t stop offending even after yesterday’s verdict.

I expected from my council to voice my deep disappointment with the committee’s decision, say loud and clear that all forms of racism are unacceptable and reiterate the party’s commitment to its core kind and fair values.


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