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Islington Labour Council Candidates

Labour Group Leader, Richard Watts, introduces Islington Labour's candidates for the 2014 local elections - 


 "I'm delighted to introduce our Islington Labour team for 2014. Our candidates are all local  residents who want to continue the fight to make Islington a fairer place. Almost 40% of our  candidates are women. 14 are from black and minority ethnic backgrounds; and 7 are aged under  30. Islington Labour's candidates truly reflect our local communities.  

 "Since taking control of the Council in 2010, Islington Labour has transformed services and fought  for fairness every step of the way. From introducing free school meals for all primary school  children, to ensuring all of our staff are paid at least the London Living Wage - Islington Labour  has made a real difference.

 "After speaking with over 20,000 local residents, we have listened to what your priorities are. If  we are re-elected, we will tackle jobs, housing and the cost of living - because those are the things that matter to Islington residents and matter to us. This is because Islington Labour will always be on your side.

"Please scroll down the page and find out who your Islington Labour candidates are."  


Barnsbury Ward

 jilanichowdhury_copy.jpg     mounahamitouche_copy.jpg     jamesmurray_copy.jpg

Jilani Chowdhury                 Mouna Hamitouche              James Murray


Bunhill Ward

Gallagher__Troy_copy.jpg     robertkhan_copy.jpg     claudiawebbe_copy.jpg

Troy Gallagher                    Robert Khan                       Claudia Webbe


Caledonian Ward

paulconvery_copy.jpg     rupertperry_copy.jpg     unaphoto.bmp_copy.jpg

Paul Convery                      Rupert Perry                       Una O'Halloran


Canonbury Ward

Alex_Diner_copy.jpg     Claire_Jeapes_copy.jpg     Nick_Wayne_copy.jpg

 Alex Diner                          Clare Jeapes                     Nick Wayne


Clerkenwell Ward

2010_Andrews__Raphael.jpg     James_Court_copy.jpg     Alice_Donovan_copy.jpg

Raphael Andrews                 James Court                         Alice Donovan


Finsbury Park Ward

Gary_Heather_copy.jpg     mickosullivan.jpg     Asima_Shaikh_copy.jpg

 Gary Heather                    Mick O'Sullivan                     Asima Shaikh


Highbury East Ward

Asyegul_Erdogan_copy.jpg     Osh_Gantly_copy.jpg     IMG_4965.JPG

Aysegul Erdogan                  Osh Gantly                       Muhammad Kalaam


Highbury West Ward

theresadebono.jpg     richardgreening.jpg     andyhull.jpg

Theresa Debono                 Richard Greening                Andy Hull


Hillrise Ward

Micheline_Safi_Ngongo_copy.jpg     David_Poyser_copy.jpg     marianspall.jpg

 Michelline Safi Ngongo         David Poyser                    Marian Spall


Holloway Ward

paulsmith.jpg     Diamard_Ward_copy.jpg     cllr_Rakhia_Ismail.JPG

Paul Smith                           Diarmaid Ward                  Rakhia Ismail


Junction Ward

Tim_Nicholls_copy.jpg     SAM_1573.JPG     janetburgess.jpg

Tim Nicholls                       Kaya Makarau Schwartz       Janet Burgess


Mildmay Ward

Jenny_Kay_copy.jpg     Olly_Parker.jpg     joecaluori.jpg 

Jenny Kay                           Olly Parker                        Joe Caluori


St George's Ward

SAM_1592.JPG     Satnam_Gill_copy.jpg     Nick_Ward_copy.jpg 

Kat Fletcher                 Satnam Gill                        Nick Ward


St Mary's Ward

Angela_Picknell_copy.jpg     Cllr_Gary_Poole.JPG     Nurullah_Turan_copy.jpg

Angela Picknell                   Gary Poole                     Nurullah Turan


St Peter's Ward

garydoolan.jpg     AlicePerry.jpg     Klute__Martin.jpg

Gary Doolan                       Alice Perry                          Martin Klute


Tollington Ward

richardwatts.jpg     jean-rogerkaseki.jpg     Flora_Williamson_copy.jpg

Richard Watts                     Jean-Roger Kaseki                Flora Williamson

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commented 2014-05-22 09:41:30 +0100
I agree I live in Highbury East and I never received either any leaflet with their policies or achievements. Couldn’t they just write 4 or 5 lines for each local Councillor with their previous roles and what they are campaigning for and add a link to their pictures? Or is it that the seats are so safe that they don’t bother campaigning and canvassing any more in Highbury? It’s fine to add links to the Labour MPs in Islington, but this is the part of the site for Islington Labour Council Candidates and you get only a picture?!? Time to rethink my vote. Teresa
commented 2014-05-21 15:48:55 +0100
Hi, I will be voting tomorrow in Clerkenwell Ward but I have been unable to consult/access any programs so far. I am a French student living in London, and I would be ready to give my vote to left-wing candidates, but the Labour party hasn’t sent any documents whatsoever detailing the pledges of each candidate, and I do not have time to contact them individually. It is maybe just me who is still unfamiliar with the local system, but I think you should really consider improving the way you approach voters. No matter the motivations of each candidate, when I see this web page and the lack of communication, I think it’s no wonder people do not care anymore about voting! Alexis

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