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Islington Labour councillors secure more Archway concessions from TfL


Islington Labour councillors have secured significant concessions on the Archway transformation works from Transport for London (TfL) on behalf of residents and passengers.

The removal of the gyratory will create a new public space and two-way traffic system, along with cycle lanes and improved pedestrian crossings. The works are expected to be completed by summer 2017 and will also allow new genuinely affordable homes to be built.

However, TfL’s works have resulted in the relocation or removal of bus stops in Archway, as well as traffic congestion on residential roads. Long before the works began, Islington Labour councillors have been pressing TfL to introduce measures to mitigate any negative impact for residents and passengers. Islington Labour have committed to campaign every day to ensure TfL gets this major transformation right, so as to maximise the benefits for all.

Cllr Claudia Webbe, Executive Member for Environment and Transport, has been raising concerns about the works for months. In December 2016, she wrote to the Mayor Sadiq Khan to express frustration with TfL’s communication with the Council and local community about the Archway bus consultation report.

Following ongoing campaigning from Islington Labour, TfL have agreed to -

  • Monitor and review putting bus stops at other locations, so that route destinations and stop locations work for passengers
  • Reroute certain buses to terminate at Whittington Hospital and/or St John’s Grove near Upper Holloway station
  • Introduce new clearer signage in the area to let passengers know about the changes
  • Deploy uniformed transport information helpers in the area, to help residents and visitors alike for the duration of the works and beyond
  • Introduce ‘live’ next bus information boards at Archway station, and countdown signs at a number of bus stops around Archway
  • Introduce a clean bus fleet at Archway as quickly as possible
  • Ensure bus drivers comply with Islington Council’s anti-engine idling agenda
  • Take action now to design out crime and anti-social behaviour, including rubbish at bus stop locations
  • Undertake traffic modelling once the works are complete and take corrective action as necessary
  • Undertake corrective measures and changes if traffic monitoring shows significant increases in traffic volumes on local roads
  • Allow residents to take ownership of the look and feel of the new public space
  • Monitor and review the information arrangements for cyclists whilst the public square is being built, and take action to eradicate any pedestrian and cyclist conflict once built
  • Provide a modest improvement to the Archway station façade
  • Support the Council on planting at Pauntley Street and additional trees and hedges to mitigate the effect of the bus stands
  • Consult on and implement a border of trees and other greenery at Vorley Road outside the children’s centre
  • Consult and reach a resolution on the Despard Road loading bay

Cllr Claudia Webbe, Executive Member for Environment and Transport, said: “Throughout TfL’s work to transform Archway, Islington Labour councillors have been putting residents and passengers first. We have demanded and secured these key concessions from TfL on their behalf, and will continue to hold TfL to account.

“For years, we campaigned for the removal of the Archway gyratory. It will bring the greatest transformation to the area in a generation, giving the town centre a much-needed boost in terms of safety and economically. Everyone who uses the area will benefit from these exciting changes.” 

Val Shawcross, London's Deputy Mayor for Transport, said: “‘The Archway scheme will bring significant benefits to people living and working in the area – including substantial safety improvements for walking and cycling.

“TfL have been working very closely with Islington Council, Assembly Members and particularly councillors like Claudia Webbe to ensure the scheme is the very best it can be. This includes looking at small further changes – specifically reconsidering the location of a bus stop, some signage improvements  and  improving pedestrian access to a bus stop across a cycle lane.”


Pictured - Cllr Claudia Webbe, Executive Member for Environment and Transport

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commented 2017-02-06 16:30:37 +0000
Please review the No Right Turn at Macdonald Rd. It completely stops eastbound traffic from getting to Archway Rd, St Johns Rd, and Holloway Rd via the new road layout. It is now necessary to find long routes via back streets, with loads of new carbon emissions. How come the access needs of everybody living to the east of Archway have been ignored like this?
commented 2017-02-06 13:20:25 +0000
It’s a shame Judy Garland is no longer with us. I could think of no one more appropriate to launch the opening of what will surely be a windswept, rubbish strewn, desolate open space. As she cuts the ribbon a vortex would swirl up an take her home to Kansas.
On a more serious point. Ambulances are now permanently delayed northbound at the top of Holloway Rd. If cyclists can cut through the wonderful kebab stained civic plaza which is being created surely a ‘fire path’ should be created for emergency vehicles?
My Mother is 83 years old. Thankfully she is still an active person. I now worry about her going to the bus stop alone. She has to cross a cycle lane to board a bus. It is only a matter of time before a vulnerable person gets injured. The irony being when the ambulance takes them away it will get stuck in traffic!
A poorly thought through scheme with no plan B.

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