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Islington Labour's St George's ward councillors have joined forces with local residents who are dismayed at plans by Transport for London to close Tufnell Park Tube Station for possibly 7 months starting in February 2015.


TfL is planning to renovate the lifts in the station, but had decided to give the local community only one month notice of the closure.

Read more about the damaging plans by clicking here. 

Please sign the petition against the plans to send TfL a clear message that local people oppose their plans.  

We the community of Tufnell Park are extremely concerned about TfL's proposals to close Tufnell Park Tube Station for a 7 month period beginning in February 2015. Whilst we appreciate the need to update our tube network, a total closure would have a devastating effect on our local businesses and daily lives of us all. We ask Boris Johnson, as our Mayoral representative, to intervene and negotiate with TfL a refurbishment plan which would not see the closure of the station. 

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I am hoping that when labour wins the next election, that they will help Adult education teachers like myself get self-employed. As I am presently unemployed, trying to start my own business and is stuck because I cannot finance its start-up costs, and I am not getting anywhere finding Adult Education employment it seems at my age.
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