Junction councillors award funding to exciting Foxham Gardens educational project


Junction Ward councillors are supporting an exciting educational project in Foxham Gardens, which aims to raise awareness of the park’s wildlife and history.

Seven sign boxes have been placed around the park and will be updated on a seasonable basis with rolling information displaying information about plants and creatures, as well as history of the park.

The signs will change with the seasons and provide different information on what to see and smell in the gardens and alert visitors to unusual sights. The next change will be in September to mark the start of Autumn. One of the signs will tell visitors about the history of the gardens, from the bombings of the street in the 1940s through to the present wildlife park.

£700 has been awarded to Friends of Foxham Gardens through Islington Council’s Local Initiative Fund (LIF), a small grants scheme that supports activities and improvements across Islington. The funding will cover the cost of purchasing and installing the seven sign boxes in the park.

Janet Burgess, Executive Member for Health and Social Care and Junction Ward councillor, said: “I am delighted to support this important project by Friends of Foxham Gardens, which everyone who visits the park will enjoy and benefit from.

“Islington Council’s LIF grants scheme plays an important role in supporting community projects like this. As a councillor, it is very rewarding getting involved in what may seem like a small project that actually has a big impact on the local community. I urge other local community groups with exciting ideas to apply for LIF funding.”

Christine Wise, Chair of Friends of Foxham Gardens, said: “It is fantastic to have councillors’ support on our new project. All park users will benefit from the signage, especially local children and dog walkers who come from further afield to make use of the dog friendly space.”


Pictured: Junction Ward councillors Cllr Kaya Comer-Schwartz and Cllr Janet Burgess, and Chris Wise, Chair of Friends of Foxham Gardens, in front of the new signs

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