Our Homes Not For Sale

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Our Homes Not for Sale

All people deserve to feel secure in their homes.

The Tory Government wants to end the security Council tenants currently enjoy and to sell off council homes.

The Tories’ new law will:

  • Ban new lifetime tenancies, ending the security that Islington Council tenants are currently offered.
  • Force the Council to sell hundreds of homes each year, making it even harder for local people to find an affordable home in Islington.

We, the undersigned, call for the Tory Government to stop the planned ban on lifetime tenancies and the forced sale of council homes. 


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Sign the petition: Our Homes Not For Sale
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Let’s hope we can save our homes
signed 2017-02-18 23:38:21 +0000
Against the Tories’ plan to sell our home and ban life tenancies.
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Sign the petition: Our Homes Not For Sale
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I feel that my secure tenancy is no longer secure if councils are forced to sell off housing stock. This increases my already crippling anxiety.
signed 2017-02-17 16:02:05 +0000
Our homes, not theirs.
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Save our homes!!
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PAUL Smith
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Joan Robertson

I would also like to add my son’s name to petition . My son name is Romell Slater.

We have lived at property for nearly 25 years. My son is autistic. I worry if anything happened to me that my son may not have a home.

I do not believe that tenants in long term properties should be forced out of home. More than likely the reason that people live in properties with rooms they do not use is due to ie children leaving home or bereavement.

I think that the selling of council properties is a mistake. In my opinion it does not make sense. Why, because it allows private landlords to do as they please with council property.

I think council should not sell council property. I am sure the council problem regards to housing homeless people would be better dealt with by housing people in council properties as apposed to making money from private landlords or tenants in private properties with leaseholders whom claim benefits, which I believe would pay a lot to live in these properties.

I also feel housing would be managed better most of the time by council.

I do not believe short term tenancy is a good idea for anyone to live in as there will always be uncertainty. That is not a good way to live.

This is just my opinion.
signed 2017-02-16 13:35:23 +0000

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