Standing up for Islington


Islington is one community that is home to people of all backgrounds, including around 30,000 people from countries in the European Union. They are our friends, family and neighbours.



They make a huge contribution to our vibrant and diverse community, and many work in vital jobs that support our daily life, such as in the NHS.

Our friends, family and neighbours, who are an essential part of our community, are being used by the Tory Government as bargaining chips in the Brexit negotiations.

We, the undersigned, call for the Tory Government to:

  • Immediately guarantee the full rights of all EU citizens currently living in Islington
  • Stop using our friends, family and neighbours as bargaining chips in the Brexit negotiations
  • Guarantee that EU citizens’ rights will not be affected in the event of no Brexit deal being agreed
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our country only thrives when all are accepted in, all are appreciated, all are rewarded for their msgnificently varied and culturally diverse skills and gifts. Gifts of intelligent design, of invention, of caring community, of great cuisine and art, great dance and writings, great warmth and generosity.

We receive only as we give.

So let our young children learn languages early.. let their parents’ ignorance and fearful prejudices turn to greeting diversity as the gift it brings… end all racism, ageism and sexism. End child abuse, incest.

AUSTERITY v house ‘ownership’ When some single people live in five floor homes, whilst others share a room with other families, all suffer. Let there be a revival of Social Housing, of community. Of CO-OPERATIVES. Bring all to a levelling out. Open land for handbuilt eco houses, self-build solar power.

As for poverty, only when all are raised up to a healthful life, a joyful and creative life, within Nature, within her limits, only then will all people and creatures thrive. Let us no longer set our lonely, disinherited people above the planet that gives so much, let us all live simply so that all may simply live. Thus all of Nature is seen as one with us, not apart.

Thanks be for our local organic food growers; thanks to all who bring succour and shelter… may all be happily sheltered, fed and clothed. May all come to dream WITH the gifts earth supplies, not abusing.

We want a new over-arching policy to become law, world-wide: an enshrined legally binding policy for all governments, bankers, builders, growers, industries, inventors, scientists, energy suppliers, miners, hi-tech businesses, ships, fisheries, farmers… schools…! let schools teach planting, cooking and permaculture ways. LAW

NO HARM in any way, at any time or within any part of a transaction, production, sale or distribution of industrial, chemical product, foodstuff; or of water, air, earth, creatures or peoples.

All life on earth is to be safe guarded. Including insects, snakes, beetles, fish, fungi – you see, what we do to earth we do to ourselves. The more we meddle (science, cleverness, quick-fixes) the worse it gets.

It is NOW TIME FOR US TO STAND RIGHT BACK, TO SIMPLIFY OUR LIFE STYLES AND LET NATURE RESTORE Earth to itself… or we all die. We loose the most amazing colourful and generous planet PARADISE

we were deemed ready for, to be its witness, not its destroyers.

thank you for reading!

artist singer storyteller and eco activist painter books published tv showcased cartoonist and musician

Mother, Sister, traveller and lover.

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joanne white
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Sign the petition: Standing up for Islington
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Susan Dennison
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Ideally we need a Labour government to negotiate our not leaving in the first place
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Mr Louis Northey
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Henry the VIII is dead the use of these powers should be to. The total disregard for our democracy by this government must be stopped. They must stop there total disregard for all the people that live in the UK. If the Tories take the hard brexit route they will only make Putin the winner. It will damage the UK and the EU.

The EU citizens that call the UK home must be protected as the UK citizens that live in the EU must be protected.
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The area, like the country, needs our friends.
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Sign the petition: Standing up for Islington. Brexit is a disaster for Islington and London.
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Sign the petition: Standing up for Islington. Brexit is a disaster for Islington and London.

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