Our Schools, Our Say


Thanks to the dedication and hard work of pupils, parents, teachers, and the council, we have been able to improve education in our borough. The part the council has played in the transformation of Islington's schools is one of the proudest achievements of Islington Labour.

All of our borough's secondary schools are rated good or outstanding by Ofsted, and the vast majority of our primary schools are too.  GCSE results in the borough have seen a dramatic improvement since the borough was ranked 143rd out of 151 local areas in 2010, with Islington now being ranked well within the top-third for results in the country. We are also really proud that our fantastic primary schools are among the best in the country for helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve good results.

But all this is at risk from a Tory Government that has announced reckless plans to force all schools to become academies.

The Tories want to remove parents' say over the future of local schools, and force schools to follow central instruction to become academies by 2022. 

Islington's community of schools works. With an active local council supporting - and challenging when necessary - our schools, we can share what works and raise standards and results for all.  Parents must have the say over the future of local schools, and it is wrong for the Tory Government to impose a one-size-fits-all approach on our schools.

We will fight the Tory Government's attack on Islington's schools.

It is astonishing that, at a time of major cuts to school budgets, the Government would think it wise to spend over a billion pounds turning all schools into academies when there is not a shred of evidence it will help improve education standards or children’s chances in life. We know what works: good teaching and good leadership in a well-supported system - that’s what we will continue to deliver in Islington.

Sign the petition and tell the Tories, 'Our Schools, Our Say'.

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Our Schools, Our Say

We the undersigned believe that what our local schools need is good teachers and good leadership in a well-supported system. The Tory Government's costly plans to force all schools to become academies by 2022 is another top-down reorganisation that will not help young people in Islington get the education they need.

We believe that parents should always have a say in the future of local schools, and no school should be forced to become an academy by the Government. 

We urge the Government to think again and drop these plans. 

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We have a wonderful tradition of Local Government Education Departments planning for the educational needs of its children. Sadly this is already in disarray because of the rise of state funded free schools and academies that operate to their own criteria. Local Authirities have highly skilled dedicated people working to ensure that their schools meet the educational needs of our children. It is an appalling plan to scrap LEAs especially at a time of shortage of school places which means more local planning is needes. Indeed LAs should be allowed not only to close schools but to develop new schools.
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The privatisation of our public education system and removal of democratic accountability must be stopped. We have to organise as parents, students, trade unionists and citizens to fight these profit driven plans that have nothing at all to do with educational improvement but everything to do with Tory ideology and cronyism.
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I’m fed up with the systematic dismantling of public services. Honestly, what are people paying tax getting for their money?? Either provide decent public services, or stop taxing us altogether.
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