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Proud Islington’s Labour Council is a Living Wage employer

No one should be paid less than they can live on and as a Council we are committed to playing our role in making sure they don’t have to.

Islington’s Labour Council is proud to be one of the UK’s first Councils be accredited as a Living Wage employer. We pay all our council workers the London Living Wage or more and it’s great that most of the council’s contractors have now also signed-up to become Living Wage employers.

It is extremely disappointing, however, that a minority of private companies, particularly those responsible for delivering social care, still do not pay their staff a Living wage.

Islington’s carers do an incredibly important job. Carers work long hours in challenging circumstances caring for our neighbours, family and friends. Society should value their hard work and dedication. The very least they deserve is to be paid a London Living wage.

This letter was published in this week’s Islington Gazette

Cllr. Alice Perry

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